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The Monad Tutorial Fallacy

The Monad Tutorial Fallacy: “ Brent Yorgey captures the problem with many monad tutorials: they start with monads, rather than with concrete examples of the abstraction that monads capture. Dan Piponi’s introduction to monads avoids this pitfall, as does, I hope, my reprise of The First Monad Tutorial, to be presented at YOW! in Melbourne,…


I am setting up the Kutachi form and document blog. In theory, posts made here and there will be entered into a hypertext environment automatically. This is a test of that method.

New Pages

We now have four member sites up, this one and Beth Cardier’s Denes Nagy’s George Lugosi’s Beth’s has some content in the “about” section.   Once we work out some kinks, we will open sites for all board members, then any member.