Ted Goranson

Ted in Kyoto

I am a research scientist working in the area roughly called AI. My primary interest is in bridging the gap between how we actually think and how we can usefully model that in a computer. That means I have to work on the intuitive side; after all, art is the way we naturally deal with our world. But I also have to work with the realities of mathematics and logic.

What brings me to the study of symmetry is the conviction that it can bridge these two sides, together with a concept of narrative. I was lucky enough to be advised early in my career that this might be so. As a result, I have been at the founding of the symmetry society. It has been enormously rewarding to me, and I have repaid that by investing not only in the growing study of symmetry, and the paths suggested by exposure to some members but also by helping administer the society.

I  sponsor the Symmetry Society site and the Kutachi Project.