The New Architecture

For those who subscribe to the RSS feed, here is a report on what was and what will be.

The Kutachi Project in the last two years has morphed. It has not changed at all in what it is set up to do: discover a vocabulary of new user interface concepts that can display subtle qualities of situations.

What has changed is the design of the web infrastructure for the project. The original idea was to host the project here on There was to have been a larger project: “Form of Logic; Logic of Form,” sponsored by the symmetry society and hosted in pages distributed here. Members would engage collaboratively and be relatively self-directed. 

A subset of that would be the Kutachi work which would be more constrained in focus and purpose. Essays would be written on as results emerged. A problem was how to coordinate the two sites, and a large effort went into synchronizing posts between the two (or even three) frameworks.

What has happened:

— the infrastructure has matured faster and better than expected.

— interest is weak among symmetry society members for using this site ( for collaborative work.

— wrestling with WordPress (the framework for this site) has been harder than expected.

So the project will be hosted at using the custom framework designed for it. The member pages here and this blog in particular will be only lightly used, at least for the Project. 

Another change is that we have found some ISIS-S journal papers to be helpful springboards for certain Project ideas. So in a way, ISIS-S members are participating. 

A new blog has been created at to summarize the importance of these papers. As I write this, the WordPress template is being modified to coordinate with This new blog will serve as an intermediate site linking to and from the Kutachi essays and to the relevant papers, being a sort of annotated Kutachi bibliography.

All this will launch soon. People are working on all the hot parts.