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Post Congress

The ISIS-S Congress was another success. Many photos by Dmitri Weise can be seen at the ISIS-S Flickr site. That site will be integrated into this one in due time, but for now it is a good collection of photos from the recent Congress and other ISIS-S meetings. The newly elected officers and board members…

New Pages

We now have four member sites up, this one and Beth Cardier’s Denes Nagy’s George Lugosi’s Beth’s has some content in the “about” section.   Once we work out some kinks, we will open sites for all board members, then any member.

Back at work

We had a configuration problem with the switch to multi-users (like allowing That is now resolved and I will turn to creating content again, starting with examples for the user sections. George Lugosi is leading a team that will be indexing the journals.

From MarsEdit

Okay, This post is being written from a program called MarsEdit. If you have a blog on this site, making a post is extremely easy using the web interface. You simply type in a field and hit update. But I find it easier to use a special program. In my case, this is MarsEdit. It…

First Post

Hello there. I will be using this blog to report on progress and changes to The International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry-US Sites. You can consider this an administrators’ blog.